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Rabiatu Mahmood Wattingi  and  Rabiatu Ahmed Otoo  were the mentors present for the mentoring session.  They arrived at exactly 8:00am at Ansarudeen Islamic School in Darkuman. The number of students present wasn’t impressive so they had to wait, at exactly  9:00am they had about 30 female students present, they decided to help clean up the school before they proceeded with the Monitoring and Mentorship Session. At 9:30am they were set and ready to begin the session.
Three (3) out of the number present were  SHS  students, seven (7) were Junior High School Students  and the rest were a combination of upper and lower primary students.  Sister Rabiatu Ahmed begun the session by reminding the girls about Muslimah Mentorship Network (MMN), its roles, goals and objectives, she interacted with the girls and asked the girls present to give a brief summary of what their take home was from MMNs previous visit to the school, their responses was impressive. She engaged in various topics with the girls including their roles in the society as Muslim girls, the importance of Education and their individual rights as Ghanaians.
Sister Rabiatu Mahmood  also advised the girls on the importance of their academic work, she encouraged them to let Islam manifest in  all their private and public actions, she pleaded with them to take their mandatory prayers seriously because it will be of great benefits for them in this life and the hereafter. Sister Rabiatu Mahmood encouraged them to gain favours and respect from their parents  and teachers by being obedient and submissive.  She concluded by telling the girls to be humble and kind to everyone around them.
A Muslim student from St. Pauls Senior High School complained that, they are forced to bring Bibles to school  and participate in worship  and the Muslim students are not allowed to observe the obligatory prayers in the school.
 A student from Kaneshie senior high  also faced the  same challenges.  They have an ineffective GHANA MUSLIM STUDENT ASSOCIATION (GMSA).
Muslimah Mentorship Network  should help in interacting with the national GMSA executives and the GMSA executives in the school so as to find solutions to the concerns raised.
There was a case of Miscommunication with the management of FATIMA BINT RASUL ISLAMIC SCHOOL, so they Mentorship Session did not take place.
It rained cats and dog so the team could not make it to NUJUM ZAMAN

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