Today is not just a day to celebrate women; it is a call for us to acknowledge the many ways we can advance the interests of women and make their lives better.

The need to ‘balance for better’ must remind us of why we must promote women’s participation in various aspects of development, ranging from the economic empowerment of women, to encouraging an increased participation of women in technology, politics, science and the arts. We must ensure that women have a seat at the table at all times.

On this day, let us also be reminded of our collective responsibility to protect women from all forms of gender-based violence. The Muslimah Mentorship Network encourages every individual to speak up against the abuse of women and condemn any attempt to defend such actions.

If you wish any woman a Happy International Women’s Day today, remember your role in ensuring a more balanced world.

To the women who contribute immensely to our economy, help to raise generations of leaders and keep going despite the numerous challenges, we celebrate you. Every woman deserves to be celebrated.

Happy Women’s Day from the Muslimah Mentorship Network!


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