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Muslimah Mentorship Network welcomes it’s volunteers, stakeholders and mentees to 2020.
We are excited about what we do as a team and the commitment it comes to changing lives of young women. Each volunteer mentor wants to be able to impact on the lives of these young women because we believe if we had the same mentorship in our lives, we’d have done better in our career paths.
We welcome new volunteer mentors who have joined our team. We appreciate each of these volunteers who have applied to join our team, we remind you that although you willingly volunteered to join our team, we need commitment from each and every one of you to be able to impact on the lives of others.
We thank our donors and stakeholders for walking this journey with us. We appreciate your trust in the work we do and we promise not to disappoint your faith in us. We will continue trying to do our best to impact on more lives this 2020.
We are excited to have regional coordinators in the Northern and Upper West regions. Thank you for joining our team to impact on more lives.
We are here to serve and guide more Muslim women in pursuit of their life goals.
Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko
Muslimah Mentorship Network

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