Report For Muslimah Mentorship Network-special Mentoring Session

DATE: 22ND December 2018
OBJECTIVE: The special mentoring session was meant to give attention to girls/mentees with special needs and find ways to address them. This includes engaging students on individual levels on special concerns.
TEAM MEMBERS: Zainab Alhassan, Zarina Amandi, Baraka Nurudeen
INTRODUCTION: Team members visited two Madrasas namely; Al-Huda and Ansaarudeen both at Accra Newtown to undertake the stated objective.
The team arrived at 9.30am and engaged one of the teachers at Al-Huda who was aware of the purpose of our visit. Upon introductions, the team went to each class and addressed the students. We quizzed them on what they remembered from the last MMN mentoring session; this was meant to assess the impact of the last mentoring session.
Afterwards, we told them the purpose of our visit and encouraged them to meet us individually at the mosque to share their concerns with us for counsel.
About six students came through with questions on career choices and education.
The team helped them address the issues with students confirming satisfaction of their concerns being met.
A student by name Fauzia, has a special case of not being enrolled in school. We interacted with Fauzia to appreciate her challenges better. This was to enable us to have good perspective on the matter and find the right approach to deal with it. After talking to Fauzia, we agreed to contact the mallam to help us reach her guardian.
A mallam volunteered to talk to Fauzia’s guardian concerning the issue and give us feedback. We left a contact number for that correspondence.
Ansaarudeen was our next stop. Mallam Mohammed organised the girls to engage with the mentors. Zainab introduced the team and took the students through a recap of  what they learnt from the last mentoring session. Afterwards, team members including Zainab, Baraka and Zarina addressed concerns by some students.
Similar to Al-Huda, most of the girls in Ansaarudeen had concerns about education and career.
On subsequent mentoring sessions, MMN should set specific topics and focus on them. Some of the suggested topics include early and child marriages and career related topics.
Mallam Mohammed strongly recommended that we make the sessions frequent in order to help the girls build their confidence.
The session ended at exactly 12.00pm. It was a successful session because the team met its objectives.

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