Muslimah Mentorship Network Launches Maiden Mentorship Programme

The Muslimah Mentorship Network has launched the maiden edition of its Mentorship program. The network is a group of young intellectual Muslim women who have come together for the purpose of giving back to society. The goal of the network is to provide guidance to young Muslim girls and support them in their quest to become better individuals.
The event was held at the Huda Islamic School in Newtown, Accra. The programme was divided into two sessions. The first session was a talk and the second was on mentoring the girls.
Khadija Abdul Samed, a member of the network spoke on the topic “The importance of Islamic and Western Education”. She explained to the students the need to seek both the western and Islamic form of education. She also spoke on the need for the students to understand their roles as Muslims. And the first role of every Muslim is to seek knowledge. She again said it is their responsibility as Muslim girls to seek knowledge which will help liberate them. She adviced them to take their Islamic education serious like they do with their western education.
“Merging your Islamic education with the Western one will help you make the right decisions in life”, she added.
In the second session of the program, the students were divided into seven groups and a mentor was assigned to each group. The mentors took the girls through various stages of mentoring. They engaged the students on the need to stay focused in their studies for a better future.
At the end of the program, Mallam Mohammed Abdallah, a teacher from Maarkaz Ansaarudeen in his closing remarks showed gratitude to the Mentorship network for giving their students the opportunity to be mentored and also to be used as a pilot for the network. He reiterated the need for the students to study hard both in their Islamic and Western education.
“Not everyone gets the opportunity like this. Make intentions of your dreams and do well to combine both the Western and Islamic Knowledge”, he said.
The Maiden Mentorship session combined two schools namely, Huda Islamic School and Markaaz Ansaarudeen. The programme was held at the Premises of Huda Islamic School.
The Programme ended with a photo session for the students, teachers and mentors.

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