Muslimah Mentorship Network Executive Meeting, December 2018

Muslimah Mentorship Network Executive Meeting
Saturday, 1st December, 2018
Accra Mall, Barcelos
1. Ways to improve our work
2. Constitution/ Mentorship Manual
3. A.O.B
The meeting started at exactly 10:50 am with four members of the  executives present. The team present proposed suggestions on how to improve the work of MMN and the way forward.
*⃣  The need to help some of the girls we are mentoring when the need arises. It was proposed we identify brilliant but needy Muslim girls in our outreaches to help support and keep them  in school.
*⃣  Collection of Dues: The accountant bemoaned the lack of payment of dues. She spoke about how  members on the page  have not paid the dues since it was proposed in November. The President spoke about how it must be taken serious since it will aid in supporting our finances and our projects.

Monthly Reports.
Baraka proposed that all executives must provide monthly report in Writing. It was agreed that all Executives must  endeavor to write down a one page report monthly on all that happened within their office every month, so it can be used to track our development.
*⃣  Minutes Writing; The Secretary should be available at all meetings in other to be able to take minutes which is very important for future documentation.
*⃣  Commitment; Volunteers are not Members unless they show commitment in all activities MMN does. All volunteers joined the group but are not helping which is not a good start. All Volunteers on the main platform should endeavor to be involved in MMNs outreaches at least 6times so they then  qualify to be  members. Not withstanding that, the constitution makes room for members abroad.
*⃣  Social Media Handles: Volunteers should be encouraged to share post and like on our social media handles at all times. It pulls traffic and helps with our social media profiles.
*⃣  The constitution is still not ready and the committee has 3 months left  to provide us with the complete work.
*⃣  Mentorship Manual is still not ready and those in charge of it should provide the documentation by our next mentoring session.
Any Other Business(AOB).
*⃣  Yearly Budget; Budget should be written yearly in other to help in guiding our finances.
*⃣  General Mentorship programme in March 2019. The executive body agreed to have a general Mentorship session so we have all  girls at one place with resource personnel who are women to come and  talk to them.
*⃣  Fun trips for members; once In a while MMN will organize a meeting and get-together for Volunteers once in a while to meet and de-stress.
*⃣  Letters should be sent to  Madrasa’s ahead of time in other to get the assurance as early as possible. So we can follow the calendar religiously.
*⃣  Follow up on previous Mentorship groups to see how they are progressing. It was agreed 2 volunteers will go back to each Madrasa twice every month to Check on the girls and see their progress.
Meeting ended at exactly 12:07 noon.
Members Present
Baraka Nurudeen
Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko
Adiza Bala Faila

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