Report by the President of Muslimah Mentorship Network, on the Maiden Mentors’ Training Programme

The Maiden Mentors’ Training Programme held on 26th January 2019 at the University of Professional Studies, Accra.
Assalamu alaikum warahmatulaahi Taalaah wabarkaatuhu.
🎯Pre-Event Planning
▶A letter was sent to the mosque (Venue to be used for the gathering) at UPSA.
▶ The President of MMN, Sister Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko requested for snacks from two Members. Sis Feruzah Wuniche Salisu and Sister Hasia Ahmed Farouta. Each brought enough to cater for 25 people.
▶Letters were sent to the four speakers that Sis Feruzah and Sister Hasia recommended for the main mentors’ training programme.
▶ The speakers were Sis Vera Addo, Sis Nuratu Yusuf, Sis Fouzia Tua Alhassan and Sister Muslimat
🎯 Event Day
▶ The President was at the mosque by 9:30 am.
▶Mentors were taken through the topics including rape and consent from the legal perspective, adolescent reproductive health rights, building trustworthy relationships with mentees among others.
▶Mentors were taken through different stages of consent and how important consent is.
Out of about 50 volunteer mentors, about 18 were present for the main training programme. It appeared that some mentors did not attach much importance to the training, which was meant to equip us with information to deal with mentees in our future engagements.
🎯 Recommendations
▶ The constitutional committee must try and finish the constitution on time to enable volunteer mentors know their responsibilities and have a good understanding of what commitment to the network means.
🎯Names of Mentors Present for the Maiden training session.
1. Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko
2. Khadijah Abdul- Samed
3. Hikmatu Iddrisu
4. Baraka Nurudeen
5. Zarina Amandi
6. Hasia Farouta
 7.Osumanu Nuratu
8. Hudda Abdul Manan
9. Yussif Hamdallah
10. Iddrisu Khadijatu
11. Razak Fuleratu
12. Alima Abdul – Karimu
13. Fatimatu Ahmed
14. Abdallah Muktar Ayisha
15. Nuratu Yussif
16. Ayisha Umar
17. Hajar Diko Osman.

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