Hello everyone. Do not forget we are still raising funds for the sanitary pad project by the Muslimah Mentorship Network.

How about ‘adopting’ a girl and providing her with sanitary pads for a year? Give this a thought- If we provide a girl child with one sanitary pad, what will she use the next month and in subsequent months? Our responsibility towards these kids must not be partial, but holistic.

Research by Montgomery et al. (2012) has shown the influence of providing sanitary pads on menstruation and education in Ghana. They report that providing both sanitary pads and education gives a 9% increase in school attendance after five months. This confirms results from Scott et al. (2009, p.2) in a similar study. Their research suggests that Ghanaian ‘post-pubescent girls were missing as many as five days each month due to inadequate menstrual care and cramping’. After providing free sanitary pads for six months, however, they report that absenteeism among the girls decreased from 20% to 9%.

Therefore, providing adequate sanitary pads to cater for a year will put a girl’s mind at ease and give her the peace of mind to stay in the classroom for the entire academic year.

How much is 60 Ghana cedis to you? That amount can change the life of a girl child who struggles during her period for a year.

#Adoptachild and donate for her full-year usage of sanitary towels.

God bless you.


Donations can be done via the following people:
0241449935 – Bilkis K Nuhu
0249820639- Baraka Nurudeen

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