Use Confidence as a Shield- Muslimah Mentorship Network tells Girls

Girls in Muslim communities have been urged to uphold their self-esteem and exude confidence in their endeavors. Speaking on the theme “Self esteem, the Muslim girl’s shield in the 21st Century,” main speaker for the 3rd mentoring session of the Muslimah Mentorship Network, Madam Feruzah Salisu Wuniche made these remarks to girls of the Darul-Hijra Islamic School at Mamobi in Accra.
She advised the girls to maintain high self esteem, self respect and confidence. This she said, will help them identify and use their strengths to their advantage while they work on their weaknesses.
Madam Feruzah further acknowledged that to balance self esteem with Islam, one must have faith in Allah, believe in herself, dress neatly and decently, and be confident devoid of arrogance.
‘Self esteem is very important in one’s life because if you know who you are, you will know your do’s and don’ts, know your mistakes, build trust and shield yourself against abusers,’ she added.
She encouraged the girls by quoting a verse from the Holy Quran, a prayer from Prophet Musa (A.S) asking Allah to make him confident, “O my Lord, open for me my chest (grant me confidence, contentment and boldness) and make this matter easy for me. Make me eloquent of speech, so that they may understand my speech”. Surah Taha Verse 20: 25-28.
Khidir Hussein, a teacher at the Madrasa expressed gratitude to the network for prioritizing the welfare of girls in muslim communities. He advised the girls to let the advise reflect in their actions.
Moderator for the informal session of the event, Zainab Alhassan advised the girls to choose their friends wisely and not give room for negative peer pressure.
Other activities held during the session included a one-one-one mentoring between mentors and mentees, as well as an open mic discussion which gave the girls a platform to express their views on the importance of self esteem
Source : Muslimah Mentorship Network

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