Report by the President of Muslimah Mentorship Network, Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko on the 2nd Mentorship Session held on Saturday, 24th November, 2018.

Assalamu alaikum warahmatulaahi Taalaah wabarkaatuhu.

🎯Pre-Event Planning

▶Letters were sent out by a member of the organisation, Sister Najat. One of the 8 Islamic schools (Makaranta) invited us to mentor their girls after sending letters indicating our interest in mentoring their female students. The name of the Madrasa is Badarul Munir Islamic School, located at Accra Newtown, 55.
▶ The President of MMN, Sister Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko made arrangements for refreshment for 70 people which amounted to GHC. 228.26 The order was placed from Farash Professional Catering Services and consisted of fruit drinks and meat pie. The refreshment was financed from monies we invested in the production and sale of Tshirts.

▶ The President tasked the Vice President to update the members on the page since she was off whatsapp. The request was made for 10 members to volunteer to join the group to the Madrasa. In all, 5 members wrote their names to be part of the delegation but only 3 showed up. The Vice President of MMN, Miss Hikmatu Iddrisu was tasked to deliver a presentation to the students.

🎯 Event Day

▶ The President was at the school by 8:30am. The venue had already been arranged by the Mallam Present.
▶The programme began at 10am exactly although the main speaker was running late. An introduction of MMN and its purpose was done by the President of MMN.
The main speaker for the event, Sister Hikma engaged the girls on the need to have both the Islamic and Western education since both were needed for this world and the hereafter.
▶After the speeches, group mentoring sessions were held for the girls. The groups were 3 in number and a mentor was assigned to each group. 3 mentors were present for the session. The session officially closed at noon. There was a photography session and interactions afterwards.
▶The Mallams from the Madrasa were happy about the team’s visit to advice their girls on the importance of western education infused with Islamic education.

▶The team met the only woman who was a Mallama at the Madrasa. She helped with the facilitation of the event.

🎯 Special Case.

There was a special case of a girl who was at the Madrasah and had finished JHS and was learning how to sew. The President spoke to her and promised to get her a special mentor to help guide her to be the very best at what she is doing.

🎯 Recommendations

▶ In the maiden edition, there was a need to develop a manual to steer the mentoring session but that has not been done by the team assigned to it.
▶ There was also an agreement to design a manual to guide how mentoring sessions are to be held at every school visit.
▶The constitutional committee
 tasked to get our constitution ready should make available the portion of the constitution of what is expected of members of MMN and what makes a volunteer a complete member.

▶Photography was done by Abdul Rahim Naa Ninche.

🎯Names of Mentors Present for the second edition of MMN Mentoring session

1. Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko
2.Hikmatu Iddrisu
3.Feruzah Wuniche Salisu
Thank you

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