Meet Saudatu Nuhu Kokroko, one of our Founders.

Meet Saudatu Nuhu Kokroko, one of our Founders.

“Growing up, there were no counseling centers for my friends and I to go to when we needed any kind of information. There was no library in our community to visit and read. In my community, it was and is still very challenging because of drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, child marriages and a lot of other social vices.”

I was fortunate and grateful for my family and Makaranta( Madrasa). They guided me and shaped me with some tough love which helped me to overcome some of the social challenges I faced.

Some of my friends weren’t as lucky as I was. They fell into all those vices and it breaks my heart to think about it.

Generation after generation, our society seems to be in a cycle; children abusing drugs and young people with so much potential end up pregnant. All these stifle their dreams. Sadly, child marriages in my community also prevent young people from reaching their full potential.

Some students are unable to continue their education due to financial challenges and no one seems to care.

When you say you are from my part of the neighborhood, you are often stigmatized.

Yes, there are a lot of social vices in my community but there are also people who have been able to do better.

Also, I believe because of the potential we have as a community, some mentor

ship can go a long way to help shape the career paths of young people. I chose girls because I know how marginalised and vulnerable girls are in our Zongo communities.

I believe young people deserve a better future different from what they are made to believe they can have. All they need is someone to guide and support them every step of the way. I believe my community has so much more to offer.

That is why I founded Muslimah Mentorship Network with my sister. The whole idea is to bring together all the intellectuals who have made it in the Zongo inspite of the challenges we all faced.

I have always believed that there is strength in numbers and if we can use our experiences and expertise to change, empower, inspire and motivate the youth in our communities through education and mentorship, we can help them become better and responsible adults in future.

The future is FEMALE!


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