The Muslimah Mentorship Network (MMM) has launched a menstrual hygiene project dubbed, “Share a sanitary pad with a girl child”. The project was launched at the Madina Islamic School in Accra.
Speaking on the topic, “The Importance of hygiene during menstruation,” Dr. Caryn Prempeh, a Medical Doctor and Public Health Advocate educated the girls on the importance of menstrual hygiene and the need to take it seriously. She taught them how to calculate their menstrual cycle and explained that the maximum number of days within a cycle is 28 days though it may vary with some people.
Dr. Prempeh advised them to make a calendar to help them track their periods. She emphasized that menstruation is normal with females and encouraged them not to be scared to talk about it. She urged them to inform their parents, teachers or sisters when they experience their first menstrual period. “Be bold enough to tell your parents especially your mothers, trusted teachers or your elder sisters when you first experience your period,” she said.
She demonstrated to the girls how to fix their sanitary pads correctly without being exposed to infections.
Hikmatu Iddrisu, Vice President of the network who spoke on the topic, “The 21st Century Muslim Woman” emphasized that there are numerous opportunities in the 21st century that Muslim women can take advantage of. She called on the girls to persevere in all aspects of their lives and live exemplary lifestyles.
According to her, the primary role of every human being is to worship Allah (SWT). She mentioned that aside the worshipping of Allah, every person is tasked with the responsibility of making the world a better place irrespective of where they find themselves.
Ms Hikma further noted that, “the wives of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) namely Khadija (RA) and Aisha (RA) were women of exemplary character. Not only were they wives of the Prophet, they were educators and business women who participated in the growth and development of their communities,” she said.
She therefore entreated the girls to take advantage of opportunities at their disposal and become change makers in their communities.
Headteacher of the school, Hajia Adamah Issifu expressed her gratitude to the network for the visit and encouraged them to visit the students more in order to inspire them.
The girls were taken through group mentoring sessions where they engaged closely with mentors.
Each girl was given a package of 12 menstrual pads to last her for a year.
The Sanitary Pad project is an initiative of the MMN and is aimed at providing school-going girls with 12 sanitary pads each for a year. This is to help reduce the number of girls who miss school during their periods due to lack of access to decent sanitary towels.
The network aims at implementing the project in at least three schools in every region of the country.

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