Welcome to our mentorship network

Muslima Mentorship Network is a group of young Intellectual Muslim women who have come together as a unit in pursuit of giving back to society.

Our goal is to provide guidance to young Muslim girls and support them in their quest to become better individuals. We aim at helping them to achieve higher education, build successful careers and live good Islamic lifestyles.

After going through school without proper mentoring, career counseling and coaching, a significant number of girls graduate without a sense of self-worth. They are unable to make the right choices and focus on ventures that will help them live to their fullest potential.

Some of these girls drop out of school due to factors such as teenage pregnancy, domestic abuse, peer pressure, and lack of proper parental guidance and control.

The good side to this story is that, some of these Muslimas have gone through similar experiences in their youth and have come out successful.

With our rich pool of knowledge and experience, we hope to help these young women become better people and responsible members of our society.

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