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Zarina Amandi

Educational Qualification : Bachelor of Arts, Communication Studies, Ghana Institute of Journalism

I currently work in an IT Firm and I run a lifestyle blog for women called Beauty for Bliss ( I have a growing love for IT and I would love to explore technology as much as I can between now and the next couple of years. It is my biggest dream to positively impact lives and travel the world.

I love to inspire young women and encourage them to break barriers, become change makers and reach for their dreams.

My desire is to mentor young girls who have so much potential but are unsure of the real potential they posses and how they can harness those potentials.

I do not know it all, so I believe that as I mentor any of these young girls, I will learn from her as well so we can discover the world together.

The Muslim community has its own challenges; challenges of inadequate access to education and inspiration for young people, especially girls and I want to be part of a larger group of change makers who will help to transform the lives of young Muslim girls.

I wish to mentor a girl who is driven and open-minded and willing to learn and inspire other girls.

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