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Saudatu Nuhu Kokroko

My name is Saudatu Nuhu Kokroko, a graduate of Business Management from Central University College.

It was never part of my plan to study Business Management, I just knew I had to go to the university right after SHS,  I knew if I stayed at home I would miss my admission window and will have to wait for a year before I can reapply. Business management was the only familiar thing on the admissions form, so I just went for it.

I had wonderful lecturers that served as mentors, they guided me along the way, I had an opportunity to change my course and I stuck with it because I realised I had a passion for it. I have been practising for the last 7 years.

I am very passionate about helping others to find their talents and help them use it in ways that would make them better individuals. I have worked with three (3) different NGOs in the past and now I hope to do the same here.

My mum always say there is no dumb person in this life except the one who never tries. And just like one of the quotes from our Rasulullah **The cure to ignorance is to ask questions **

I pray we work together and help each other be responsible Muslims Insha Allah.


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