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Hi, I’m Jalila Abu, a graduate of University of Ghana with Honours in Adult Education and Sociology.  As someone who is excited about exploring opportunities for social impact, I have been involved in correcting certain misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam in the country through an online media company  called “The Today’s Muslim.”
I believe women should aspire to greater heights and expect more in our education and other aspects of life in accordance with Islamic principles. If we use our Allah given talents,follow our passion, have a can do spirit and be focused, I am positive we can achieve much more.
Engaging in activities that will develop young girls physical,emotional & social growth and aiding in coaching the girl child to be empowered for the pursuit of higher education,right career choices and proper self care is why I joined MMN. I am looking forward to work with my fellow mentors and to be able to learn and make a difference in our lives and that of others.
May Almighty Allah help us all. Ameen.

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