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Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko

My name is Bilkis Nuhu Kokroko, I am a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism. I chose journalism because I’m passionate about community development. I wanted to use my pen to change things.

Along the line, I majored in Public Relations since it was also about communication but have long grown to love this new field. The ability to offer an organization the opportunity to have good will amongst its publics fascinates me.

I chose to offer myself to serve on Muslimah Mentorship Network because it’s a great opportunity to serve others. I believe if I had mentorship while I was in school, I will have achieved greater things. Although I’m happy with my steady growth. I hope to offer myself to young girls with great passion in communication. Muslim Girls who want to be vessels of change where ever they find themselves.

InShaAllah, we will achieve the greatness we aspire to serve the Muslim Umma and beyond.

Wasalamu alaikum warahmatu laahi wabarkaatu.


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