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Alima Abdul-Karimu

I am Alima Abdul-Karimu, a graduate of the Ghana Institute of Journalism with a BA in Communication Studies. I’m generally a lover of sports, basketball, volleyball, athletics, you name it and I’ll probably love it 😊. I also like to read, and write a lot, and I believe that is what propelled me to attend the Ghana Institute of Journalism.
I honestly haven’t had much experience as a mentor, besides sitting a few young ladies down and telling them why having an education and being independent is so important to us as women. I believe that carving a niche for yourself and being seen and heard for what we stand for is of great importance. As women, we need to have a voice of our own and speak up for what we believe in. Unfortunately, you will come across some men and women who might not agree with you as is common with human nature, but if you believe in what you are doing then their words and actions should be a force to push you higher in your quest.
When I was contacted about joining the Muslimah Mentorship Network, I jumped at the opportunity because even though this will be my very first experience as a mentor, I believe I can have a positive impact with my knowledge in Communication Studies.
And hey, if a sister is ever up for a game of basketball or volleyball, I would love to hang out and get to know them better. I might be a bit rusty nowadays, but I believe I still have my game on 😉

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