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Adiza Alhassan Musah

My name is Adiza Alhassan Musah, a student of knowledge, a lover of books, reading, writing, and research, a sister and a proud Muslimah.
My love of research led me into the academia. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in sociology (university of Ghana, 2007), Masters in Human Resources Development (universiti Putra Malaysia, 2011) and PhD in management (universiti Teknologi Petronas, 2018).
I joined the Muslimah Mentorship Network because I believe in its mission and vision. I have long believed mentors were lacking in our Muslim communities.I am a strong believer in giving back, in sharing and in being of service to others.
I wish to interact with my sisters in all spheres of life especially those with passion in the academia. Sisters who are not afraid to seek knowledge and self-growth.
I am passionate about empowering the Muslimah. The future is the Muslimah!

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